Oh the nineties, the good old nineties!

Our business effectively dates back to 1997 when our founder and CEO Simon Burge first set out into the big wide world after graduating in Graphic Design at The University of Leicester.

The internet was in its infancy then but already, we could see that it was going to have a major impact on the everyday lives of people and business in a short space of time. Web design agencies were few and far between back then and it was a very specialist area. Most internet businesses were very techie and not particularly creative, unless you worked for an advertising agency.

Simon started life in a small design and print studio in the UK, before jetting off the the UAE to work for an international advertising agency. After a year or so, he then returned to the UK in 1999 to set up the first stages of what is now called Rocket SEO®.

The new millennium and beyond

Back to his roots, he once again worked for a few Kent based firms until setting up fully fledged web agency Media Garden Limited in 2004. This was his baby for many years which he ran with dedication and hard work until it was acquired by a London-based company in 2010. With new found freedom and a desire for a new challenge, he set off to Florida, USA to work as a freelancer for a number of local web agencies as an digital marketer and front-end designer.

Over the course of the next few years, the client base rapidly grew in the USA but more so in the UK as his ever expanding network grew. Demand for his digital marketing skills increased exponentially as his reputation for SEO was really gathering pace.

However over time, the airmiles and travel really started to take it’s toll and thus, it was time to make a difficult decision. He decided it was time to set up a new, dedicated Kent based company and thus, in 2013 Rocket SEO® was born. He soon returned to the UK to get the wheels in motion and the rest is history as they say…

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