Recent Google results showing major signs of yo-yoing!

Has Google’s recent search results got you in a spin?

YoyoDon’t worry – you’re not alone in thinking that there’s some pretty strange goings on with the search results on Google lately. Chatter has been incredibly active to say the least ever since last Thursday 27th November; which also happened to be Thanksgiving in the USA.

Yes, in an unprecedented move, it appeared that Google’s Penguin 3.0 refresh was either updating or continuing it’s protracted roll out which resulted in major SERP fluctuations and some fever pitch tongue wagging in the SEO community.

Of all the days the make such drastic changes, Thanksgiving could be seen as a pretty cynical move by those who treat the big G with a huge amount of suspicion whilst those more inclined to toe-the-line also found it curious that such major changes in ranks should take place on a day when the folks over in America were at their most vulnerable and less guarded.

Google confirms the roll out did actually occur!

And in another unusual twist, Google on this occasion were happy to confirm that the roll out did occur and it was in fact Penguin as suspected.

From our own analysis, we saw many of our clients sites leap upwards and naturally, so did we… literally. However after a short moment of euphoria and landing back down to Earth, we all realised that this could be short lived and the fact that it was Thanksgiving could be at best a test and at worse, a prank.

Hence, we decided to delay posting any news or commentary on this latest update until the dust had settled and whether the ranks had changed or stayed put. Unsurprisingly, we’re now seeing a lot of reversals and the ranks we’re monitoring are quite frankly all over the place.

We’ve seen some keywords jump as much as 20-30 place, both upwards and downwards and there’s little sign of settling down. It’s all very perplexing.

Now Mueller states Penguin could be a continual ongoing update!

Woah… so in another twist of the facts, Google Plus’s top SEO hangout figurehead John Mueller suggested that Penguin could in fact be a continual algorithm that updates constantly in real time, with John stating they “hoping that these things will keep updating”.

Some SEO commentators are suggesting that he means the algo is a rolling update and thus, no fixed times or dates are set to update the data and it will just keep changing continually.

Personally speaking, I find this hard to believe as this will just lead to inconsistent search results and cause untold damage to Google’s reputation as a reliable search engine but it does go to show the sheer scale of Penguin 3.0 if after nearly two months, we’re still seeing flux caused by the update still being implemented.

So as usual, nothing’s ever plain and simple when it comes to Google and SEO. All we can suggest is to keep an eye on the ranks and we’ll report back as soon as we know anything more concrete than the usual speculation and theory-based chatter.

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