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Your ready for some online marketing and now your ready to get your website up and going. You will need to find your key words. But what are key words?

How do keywords work and what do they have to do with my site?

How do you come up with key words that work?

Keywords are words that you use to help search engines find your website. It is a very important step towards getting your website found.

When someone searches for something, search engines use keywords to find particular sites that refer to the search being conducted. Let's say you are searching for "making money" it would look for sites with the keyword "making money".

When you use keyword meta-tags along with keywords found on your site's pages, your website can improve it's ranking.

One word of caution is to not overuse your keywords.

For an example, one of your keywords is "making money", and you have written a post/page on Making Money and throughout your post/page you try to incorporate "making money" keyword in your post / page. If you overly excessively use this keyword "making money" in every other sentence throughout the post / page it will be considered spamming. Your site then can be banned! This is not the result you are looking for!

I would recommend using your keyword about every 200 to 300 words and yes try to use your keyword in the caption lines for photos/images, your headline, in your first sentence of your first paragraph, in the middle of your content and in your last paragraph.

Posted in SEO Post Date 12/23/2016






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