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Now time for a simple topic which has many people moaning and complaining about the best way to SEO their content. Well let's start with the easiest of all


Make sure your content is readable and reliable:

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Google reads like a human (or close to it), their algorithms use all kinds of magic to work out the human word, and also use manual verification for some of the flagged rubbish which exists on the internet. Keyword rich, and factual. Make your users enjoy your content and google will too enjoy it. Not complex or hard to do, and you should only really be writing about things you understand anyway, unless of course it's an opinion blog? However, real words = real searches.

Now just to wet your appetite content is the single most important thing in SEO and if you do nothing else ensure your content is GREAT, but. this sentence started with a point, and that point being, do not forget the other things in life which matter. SERVER SEO. Sounds silly but my next post will outline and fix MANY things that even some of the biggest sites get wrong, and imagine what they would be capable of if they implemented it all!

Don't get me wrong, it's not the end of the world if you do not do everything listed, but cover at least some of it. It shows google that you have taken care and attention when producing your website, and choosing it's location for hosting.

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