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Business owners see the importance of SEO

This year in 2011, marketers and business owners are seeing a huge importance being placed on obtaining free organic search results through major engines like Google. Whether you're a locally ran brick and mortar or an international online corporation, the current need for proper local search marketing has never been more apparent.

The problem that most local business owners face is that they are either unfamiliar with the world of online business and how it could possibly affect their locally ran shop, or simply have no web site and no knowledge of how to get online with or without one. What is huge for this year is the big push being made through the Google platform for local businesses, Google Places.

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What this allows is for web users to quickly search for and find products and services in their locally ran area, focusing search on business or product type, street address, city, state, zip code, and even country. The reason this is so important to every local company is that it's simple, free, fast, and doesn't even require a web site; if you know what you're doing.

This new route for local businesses to get online in the shortest amount of time possible, even without a web site, has lead to an increase in sales and revenue for any company who has utilized this powerful marketing medium. What makes this even more powerful is that it's a fairly new practice as Google only launched Places in the past few months. This means that locally competing businesses whoestablish themselves first will be listed ahead of their competitorsand will gain more business and sales prior to other companies in their competing area even being listed.

The idea of generating more local business revenue through the internet is a relatively new phenomena, one that should be utilized by every locally ran business in America. It's important to do research into your market and your level of competition so that you can make the most through proper local search marketing and start to see increases in sales and revenue immediately.

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