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Should there be an SEO University Course

One can blame the hundreds of spam emails from nondescript companies that purport to offer online marketing services for the current bad name of the profession. When you add to the fact that most clients complain about the results they get, it's easy to see why internet marketing as whole needs a revamped professional outlook. As important as SEO has become in marketing products online, should it become a course in universities?

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Most internet marketing companies describe the availability of excellent internet marketing employees in one word; shortage. The fact is most interns train on the job and there are no set guidelines on what they should have studied before starting in the career. Recruiting anyone into an SEO company can take ages as you try to figure out if they know the subject and even how long they are likely to last. A degree would go a long way in reducing the risk of recruiting poor talent.

Since everyone says they know SEO, the problem arises when clients get poor services and end up hating all internet marketing companies. A university course or degree would add professionalism in the industry. Right now, the Google AdWords certifications are the closest that companies have to credible certifications.

A somewhat strange positive in teaching SEO as a University degree is the client pool may increase. The biggest challenge most companies have is educating potential clients on the importance on online marketing campaigns. Having it as a university course would cut the sales cycle in the business.

The biggest challenge though to teaching SEO, is the structure of university education. Most students will confess that once they have studied a course, they expect to carry out the same lessons in their jobs unless they take a new course. The profession on the other hand is ever-changing. With the hundreds of search engine algorithm changes in a year, it's unlikely that one would implement the same things taught in class four years ago.

That there is a need for talented SEO practitioners worldwide is not debatable. The question is whether the current university structures of teaching would work for as challenging a profession. For university courses to work, they would need to encourage creative thinking in their students especially when the world of search engine marketing is ever changing.

On the other hand, search engine optimization companies would need to partner with universities especially in case studies. This is the most challenging aspect as most SEO companies work on secrecy and their so-called secret ranking formulas. The fact however, is that the industry needs credibility and there is no better way to do so than structured professional certifications from recognized institutions.

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