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Consequences of web pages with sloppy titles

I was just surfing the internet the other day, only to find that there are quite a few sites with sloppy titles. I really condemn the use of sloppy headers in a website as this only helps in sabotaging and not in improving the SEO of the website.

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This is mainly because these sloppy headers tend to confuse search engine spiders. Sloppy headers usually spring up when using site builders on hosts like as while you build your website, you will be asked to save the website as you like, while you work on providing content for the website.

In the process, you may not include the non-visible area of the page which in turn makes search engines ignore the page, thinking it to be duplicate content. This problem not only exists with site builders, but also with do it yourself site software like Dreamweaver. The end result is a website with identical titles and Meta tags on all pages, and different visible content.

Sloppy headers penalize your web page and website

So to avoid this, I suggest your developing content and a title for your new web page, before heading on to the next page. With this practice, you will also be able to implement some effective SEO techniques while framing your header as well.

I suggest you head this bit of advice as most search engines tend to penalize pages that look identical to them. With this penalization, they don't include these pages in their search engine indexes at all.

Another bad effect of sloppy headers on web pages is a URL that looks very strange. These URLs will not have any of the keywords that you had used in your web content, and thus, will in no way be helpful in drawing any positive traffic to your website.

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