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SEO Techniques You Should Know About

Relevant Unique Content

Writing unique and relevant content related to your topic is considered the best practice to improve organic search result rankings and SEO of your website or pages within it. This is because unique and relevant content on a site gives people a reason to link back to that site. Which, in the world of SEO's, is called link baiting.

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Article Marketing

Article marketing is a good technique for creating backlinks. When you write an article, you take that article and completely rewrite it to where only the meaning is similar between the two. In lamens terms, make sure the article is almost completely reworded.

Directory Submissions

Directory submissions are as I've seen wrote, "an oldie but goodie". They generate quality backlinks to your site. These directories are like the internet's version of phonebooks and can be anything from general directories, carrying links to all kinds of sites separated into general categories such as, "internet marketing", to niche directories that would have more specific categories like "delaware seo". SEO's can submit businesses to these sites to generate backlinks, but also generate more qualified traffic, as most people using a directory online are looking for the exact services or products that a business might sell.

IMG ALT Attribute

The IMG ALT Attribute is wonderful way to help with site optimization as long as it is not spammed. Best practice is to right a SHORT descriptive sentence that contains a keyword phrase related to the subject at hand. For a picture in this article that has a graphic of a person leaning on a tag, I might use the following as a IMG ALT attribute: "alt="seo-techniques-person-leaning-on-tag". This would describe my picture and include the keyword phrase "seo techniques".

Proper Site Architecture

You'll need to structure your site in a way that each page is easily found by search engine spiders. Even when you do submit an XML site map to the search engines, the pages you have buried deep within folder after folder, will most probably not rank highly unless they are pulling alot of link juice (popularity) from other relevant topics.

URL Optimization

When you are building a website, make sure everything in the site is optimized for the keyword phrases including the url. This doesn't go to say that just because your an SEO company that your URL should be "", though an article wrote about SEO techniques such as this one, should have SEO techniques in the url. See your address bar in the browser, you'll notice that it says seo-techniques-delaware. The reason for this is that this article is on SEO techniques and our company is based in Newark, Delaware. So naturally I would optimize for the keyword phrases "seo-delaware" and "delaware-seo".

SEO Techniques that Don't Work at all, Don't Work Well, or are likely for penalization soon.

Linking to Every page from Main Navigation

This tactic is not going improve your organic rankings in SEO in any way. It will only succeed in spreading your link popularity throughout your entire website. When considering search engine optimization, link only to the main pages of your website from the main navigation unless your website is so large that you need to link to main categories to create a better user experience. When considering user experience if your site is extremely large, then it is ok to add subcategories to the main navigation but beware, as this may add confusion.

Optimizing for the SAME Keywords

Well if your looking to optimize for the two keywords that bring a crazy amount of traffic to your site then by all means this is a great thing to do, only that there are an insane amount amount of keywords out there for each product or service offered, so why miss out on all those other searches (potential customers)?

Linking out to high PR sites

No one is going to achieve higher rankings in the search engines because they link to alot of popular sites. The only links that help you with search engine optimization and improve organic search rankings are links back to your site from relevant and/or very popular sites.

Optimizing Link Title Attributes

These are ignored by Google, even though other search engines may use them for SEO. I've read many articles saying they do and they don't. If you don't want to take my or the link provided words on this, run a search in Google or whatever search engine you like for "do title attributes affect seo" and read what people have to say on the subject so you can form your own opinion.

How to use link title attribute correctly.

Optimizing for General Keywords

I'm sorry but it's close to damn near impossible to rank for general keywords due to several factors. Google unfairly weights older sites due to history, most SEO's agree, history is a big thing on the net. The websites that also have longer history have mounds more content and it will take a good deal of time creating thousands of backlinks and articles to try to match that sites popularity.When someone uses a search engine they most likely are looking to fulfill a certain need or want. For example People searching for an SEO in the state of Delaware in the city of Newark aren't going to type in "SEO", they most likely want someone in the area that can assist or consult with them about their sites SEO so they would be much more likely to search "Delaware SEO", "SEO in Newark, Delaware", "SEOs in Newark, Delaware", or maybe even "SEO help Delaware". What I am getting at is that you should optimize for 3-4 word phrases that usually consist of your local area and more likely answer a question a user may have about your niche as this is going to drive more relevant traffic to the page.

Meta Keyword Tags

This SEO tactic has been outdated since 2000 when coming to major search engines. Some of the less popular search engines may use them but these search engines aren't used that much. Use with caution as they can reveal the words your trying to SEO for to competitors. Why do I use them you ask? Simple, every SEO provider out there is generally optimizing for the same keywords except save the local area our company is in, so in my eyes I am giving up no secrets.

Mad-Lib Doorway Page Spam

This tactic can be very effective when used with PPC ads. Though Google has classified these "doorway pages" (pages drawn up for search engines only) as spam. Beware that this SEO technique does work quite well for the time being for organic SEO, but it has been classified as spam and at some point in the future, may get a website penalized or even banned.

SEO Techniques that get Websites BANNED

Extremely high keyword densities or "Keyword Stuffing"

The optimal keyword density for a page is somewhere between 3% to 5%. Getting much higher densities than this can hurt your rankings because it will be flagged as spamming or banned. Search engine optimization has evolved much since the 90?s when to SEO a site was to display hidden text repeating certain keyword phrases over and over again. Google and users want relevant content, not a site that says SEM SEM SEM SEM over and over again to optimize for the keyword SEM. (btw this page would never rank for SEM, not because it's spammed but because it's density, even though repeated here in this example, is not near enough)

Duplicate Content

Creating multiple URLS or copying pages on the same website but not linking them as to make it seem they aren't related pages or sites with the same content is not going to make you a SEO king by tricking Google or other search engines into thinking your site is extremely relevant. Google's algorithm is very smart and will see this, then most likely flag your site or page and then after awhile, it will get banned. DON'T DO IT!

Automated Directory Submissions / Back linking

Many SEO's claim they'll submit you to 100?s of search engines or 100?s or thousands of directories quickly for the same amount of money as we here at Profitable Intent: Web Solutions would submit you over a years time or more. The truth of the matter is that they use automated software thank creates too many backlinks too quickly to your site, Google and other big name search engines recognize this and will flag your site causing your rankings to drop. Don't fall into this trap!

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