BTW Solicitors

The Challenge

We were approached by BTW Solicitors, a firm of lawyers based in Wirral to assist them in attracting and generating increased leads through their website. As a law practice that specialises in fighting injustices with insurance denial requests for clients seeking medical care and life claims, this was a project we felt compelled to get involved with.

With this in mind, we were more than happy to accept the challenge to help a law firm that has an impressive track record of taking on the insurance giants and winning for their bereaved and mistreated customers.

The Strategy

In such a fiercely competitive niche, “no win, no fee” law firms are everywhere. However, we knew that our client was an expert in a more specialised niche market and this allowed us to really zero in and focus on their core target audience.

We firstly ensured their website had suitable landing pages in place that were easy on the eye, communicated clearly, showed empathy and made the legal process for potential clients stress free and straightforward.

Once in place, we set up and managed a comprehensive Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic directly to the newly set up landing pages and attract enquiries for help to bring in new business.

The Result

Even though we were set a tight daily budget, we have still managed to get the clients ads in front of the right people in their target geographical area and attract a solid level of enquiry form submissions.

As a welcome bonus, our optimised landing pages have also ranked very well in the organics so our extensive on-site work has paid dividends and enabled them to gain conversions via both paid and organic channels.

Work is stil ongoing for this client who has been with us for nearly 3 years! A testament to our work and the trusted relationships we build with our clients.

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