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The Challenge

Cutting and selling timber such as plywood, MDF and laminate online might seem like a simple ask, but think again. This industry is fiercely competitive!

With major players including the likes of B&Q, Homebase, Wickes and even Ebay in the mix, we knew the client’s requirements were not going to be as straightforward as they may seem. Chigwell Building and Joinery wanted us to put them right on the first page of Google for one simple reason – anywhere else and they won’t sell a thing.

Having researched the competition and the various online opportunities out there, they were not wrong. But this didn’t deter us. They asked us to rank top or close to the top of Google for keyword phrases such as “MDF sheets cut to size” and similar. So our immediate response, was – of course we can!

The Strategy

With an e-commerce website already created and live, we firstly worked with their development team to ensure the existing website was fully optimised for all devices including desktops, tablets and phones.

With builders and contractors having the tendency to order materials whilst on site, it was imperative that the CBJ website run like lightning on all devices, especially phones. So with our root and brand approach, we audited each and every page of the site for technical defects as well as any obvious areas that required our deft touch to boost the site’s ranks on Google organic results.

We also embarked on a campaign of content creating, both on-site and off-site to help build a strong backlink profile to the CBJ website, which we knew was critical if we were to have any chance of outranking the major national DIY retailers mentioned above.

The Result

Our diligence and hard work paid off as soon enough, we found ourselves outranking some of the big guns in the timber and DIY industries.

The client was delighted to see website visits and converting traffic increase by a huge margin. This helped them to find additional funds to invest even further in the site and develop opportunities to sell new products including custom wall beds, bespoke wardrobes and kitchen cabinets.

Having branched out into new areas, the client now has a much broader client base and sales continue to increase month-on-month each year.

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