Colin Turner Associates

The Challenge

Long time friend and client Prof. Colin Turner approached us with a challenge to market his latest online venture. Having recently launched a new website aimed at offering CEO’s and senior executives one-to-one mentoring services, we were tasked with promoting the site and pushing him to the forefront of this niche business sector.

His website was already in place but lagging in the search engines, with minimal traffic levels and low conversions. We were tasked with bringing the site to the forefront within his industry; thus placing him at the front line of mainstream business by promoting his CEO mentoring, published books, daily email ‘bullet’ and video presentations using a variety of platforms.

The Strategy

With a website clearly at the starting blocks, we knew we had to use a diverse range of marketing methods ranging from link building, to social media, discussion boards, press releases, blogging, video shares, article writing and more. The level of work required was wide and demanding.

His audience was also very much segmented so we had to research the best platforms and online destinations in which to engage his audience. This took considerable resources and time however, it was a hugely rewarding and useful process as this gave us the basis from which to work and clarified our strategy, ensuring the traffic and audiences attained were relevant and more likely to convert.

The Result

The results gained leverage surprisingly quickly and our most sought after keywords were hitting the first pages and in some instances, the top positions of Google within a short space of time.

Even better was numerous Google search results pages showing multiple links and references to content we had posted online, meaning we had already grabbed a hugely lucrative chunk of the target market share. Proof that quality content that is original, diverse and informative always gets rewarded.

Now working with international hotel chain IHG, media outlet Sky News and publishing columns in world renowned newspaper the FT, Colin’s profile has gone from strength to strength.

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