Development Land for Sale

The Challenge

As a leader in the UK real estate market, specialising in the sale of development land, we were re-appointed by this client having worked with them previously in years gone by under a different guise.

With a trusted relationship in place, they asked us to help them regain high Google UK ranks that were once enjoyed up to 2011 but had subsequently dropped due to a lack of SEO strategy, quality on-site content and just a general lack of useful online activity or social engagement.

More competition had also entered the marketplace and they needed to regain their once dominant market share as traffic and conversions were essentially dwindling. We were happy to welcome a old friend back on board and get them the results they needed.

The Strategy

Our first priority to was to ensure the on-site code was up to scratch. With years of neglect, the site was in desperate need of updating in terms of on-site optimisation techniques, social media strategies and most of all, useful, informative content. The site simply stood still for too long.

Our team quickly got to work on improving the sites code to ensure it used all methods possible to enhance the content and prioritise content in a way that would improve clarity for both users and Googlebot.

The website is essentially a search engine in itself and if the content and URL structures in place are poorly developed, the site simply won’t rank no matter how hard we tried. We soon took care of that and made dramatic changes that showed a good return before we’d even built a single link!

We then introduced the slightly sceptical client to the wonderful world of blogging; something we come across all to often. However, with the addition of regular high quality, original posts, the site started to build a database of great content that the SERPs soon took notice of and the clients reservations had soon disappeared.

Then we aligned this work with the introduction of an extensive social media strategy. By educating the client to engage target audiences, we had not only opened up great avenues of new business, but also created some amazing additional natural link signals to the site which were greatly needed.

With a solid level of quality link building, a website content overhaul and social media marketing all running side-by-side, we were confident our work would show returns that would impress this valued client.

The Result

The results were highly impressive, with a multitude of page one ranks gained for high compete short tail and long tail keywords. Due to the diversity of methods applied, we also saw other non-targeted yet highly lucrative ranks gained, simply due to Google’s intelligent latent semantic indexing.

Traffic to the site increased around 35-40% since the initial start date of our work, with these levels still maintained today.

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