The Challenge

ECMS is a full service office cleaning and commercial building maintenance firm based on the outskirts of London in Dartford, Kent. They offer fully managed services to clients including reactive maintenance and planned preventative maintenance packages to businesses of all size. As a fast growing business in their field, they contacted us for help with their marketing needs.

They called upon us for help when they quickly realised their existing digital marketing agency had got complacent and lazy – sadly, a common story we hear all the time!

They asked us to to take over the reins and get to work on bringing them new sales leads for their office cleaning and facilities management operations, using the best means we felt suitable from our arsenal of digital marketing services.

The aim was simple. Attract increased traffic and leads through their website and implement strategies that we felt are proven and would work.

The Strategy

With a broad list of tasks at hand, we firstly set about reviewing their site to ensure it was in the best shape possible to attract traffic and gain sales leads. After just a few moments analysis, it soon became apparent their was plenty of work to do!

Their website displayed clunky functionality, was non-responsive and needed huge changes to improve its conversion rate potential. As a result, we set out to rebuild the site theme to ensure it worked across all devices and then optimised each and every page, to ensure it was search engine visible and as persuasive as possible to get site visitors to submit enquiry forms.

We also built dedicated landing pages for a Google Adwords campaign to help with our PPC efforts and ensure we channeled direct cleaning and maintenance related searches straight to these pages to bring the client in business leads at regular intervals.

The Result

Both our SEO and PPC efforts have proven a real hit with the client and our performance measures against their previous “award winning” digital agency (they fired) have been incomparable – we knocked it out of the park!

We could spend all day boasting about the stellar ranks we have achieved and the conversion rates increases compared to the previous agency’s work but in truth, we think our client James Grimsley, CEO of ECMS sums it up better:

“Can’t recommend them highly enough. Transformed our site that now performs brilliantly on Google searches. The only people I wouldn’t recommend them to is my competitors!”

Another happy client. Doesn’t get any better than that!

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