InterContinental Hotels Group

The Challenge

We were approached by IHG’s lead business consultant Colin Turner to market and promote a series of corporate videos to re-align their image as “the voice and choice of great hotels guests love”.

Armed with a group of professionally produced videos, we were asked to get these out to the masses and viewed on a large scale via conventional social media and video sharing sites.

The Strategy

Knowing full well how to gain real-human video views and interaction on a grand scale, we quickly got to work on developing a campaign of promoting the videos via originally conceived press releases, social shares, social bookmarks, syndicated content and good old fashioned viral marketing.

The videos were uploaded to all the major video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion; with profiles created to maximise relevancy and optimised content for search engines.

With the knowledge that YouTube had recently announced crack downs on fake views, we ensured we used clean and safe methods to hype the videos without the fear of a take down action. We were fully confident we could achieve the target set out and exceed client expectations.

The Result

Within hours of pushing our online campaign out, the video started to gain views and subscribers. Within a week, the video had already exceeded 15,000 views and was topping the search engine results for direct related brand and IHG based keywords. We were on the road to a great success.

Now after a few months, the video has exceeded 70,000 views and the channel is gaining new subscribers by the week. All of this was achieved in under 4 weeks.

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