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The Challenge

We were contacted by Marine Accounts, a specialist accountancy firm that only deals in income tax planning and tax returns for seafarers and crew who work overseas for large periods of the year on superyachts.

With clients of various nationalities including British, American, South African, Australian and more, they were a truly international business offering a very niche service to clients who worked in a very tightly knit industry, and needed greater exposure to capture what they regarded as a “gap in the market”.

They asked us to assist them with their online marketing needs and to take a fresh look at their approaches, making suggestions to improve their website, content marketing strategies and organic Google search ranks.

The Strategy

When working with small niche markets, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that gaining high ranks and referring traffic from Google will be a walk in the park. But it is quite the opposite.

When an industry is of such a tightly knit nature, keyword phrases that attract good search volumes are few and far between. It was clear that thorough keyword research was critical to finding the maximum number of opportunities for traffic and transactional website visitors before we conducted a single marketing strategy.

Once established, we then had a clearer view of the pathway ahead and ensured their site was fully optimised for the best keywords we could find. We then embarked on a content and link building strategy, sourcing niche blogs related to the yachting, seafaring and financial sectors, to publish content that was unique and most certainly tailored to their narrow audience.

The Result

Once we had the targeted keywords and phrases fully established, half the work was done. This proved key as it helped us to increase the website’s visibility in all the right places across several international territories.

Potential overlaps and mishaps were a very real threat, so we knew we had to ensure our plans were pinpoint accurate and focussed only on the client’s very specific niche area to gain the attention of the right clientele and help them to gain new clients requiring income tax planing and advice.

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