Olson Timber Buildings

The Challenge

Shortly after opening for business, Olson Timber Buildings contacted us to help them gain greater exposure online selling their range of timber outbuildings for equine and residential use.

With an existing website promoting a modest portfolio of timber garages, carriage houses, carports, garden studios and sheds, plus equestrian buildings including stables, field shelters and barns, it was clear the core of their brief was all about sales.

With a number of other manufactures in the local area as well as nationally, we knew it was going to be a challenge. But undeterred, we were happy to get our teeth into this one and push forward a digital strategy that would quickly increase their online exposure and gets the sales till ringing.

The Strategy

Like many clients, it was clear their existing web developers had not considered any form of on-page optimisation when building their site.

In fairness to them, this was not in any way their specialism and it showed. The website was horribly optimised and required a full root and branch audit to uncover numerous areas that required improvement and adjustments to give it any chance of ranking for a wide range of timber building related target keywords, and convert visitors to sales.

As well as on-site improvements, we knew we had to get their name out there to ensure they attracted inbound traffic, link signals and social shares. So we embarked on a full scale content marketing campaign, including comprehensive guest blog and article placement prospecting, outreach and content publishing.

This time consuming and tough process took several months to take full effect but we knew the results would be worth it. With various online publications accepting our teams highly crafted articles, our hard work proved to be a great success.

The Result

Like all marketing for e-commerce websites, it’s all about the numbers, so we knew we had to bring in a solid level of transactional traffic to the site. And that’s precisely what we did.

After a short period of time, the website’s organic ranks started to really move and eventually, we gained a number of high compete keywords on page one which were a game changer.

Website conversions and telephone enquiries started to increase at healthy rate. It was clear the Olson name was starting to gain momentum in the timber building industry.

The client now enjoys a steady flow of high quality traffic and transactional business, purely from organic sources without having to spend a single penny on paid ads or third party advertising.

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