The Challenge

The Simply Great Drinks Company had recently acquired the well-known and popular health food juice drink Pomegreat. With sales on the slide, they set out on a wholesale rebranding and marketing campaign to realign the product and make this FMCG product popular with wider demographics.

Armed with a short and quirky video commercial not scheduled for mainstream television, they set out the challenge for us to push the video to gain a huge level of views on conventional video sites including YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion. We were happy to oblige.

The Strategy

With our great track record behind us of gaining high volume views for past clients, we knew exactly how to get the results we needed. We set out to develop a campaign based on the solid foundations of press releases, social shares, social bookmarks, syndicated content and viral marketing.

The video was uploaded to all the major video sites with all relevant profile info added to maximise relevancy and optimisation for search engines.

All of our work used clean methods to hype the video without the concern of a take down action. Once all the methods were in place, we sat back and watched the views roll in!

The Result

Results exceeded even our high expectations. The video went down like a storm and created a really special viral buzz leading to views nearly reaching 200,000 to date.

The client was naturally delighted. We were thrilled too. A really fun campaign for all involved, proving that excellent content coupled with great marketing is a recipe for success!

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