Ron Bell, Inc

The Challenge

Florida based roofing contractor Ron Bell approached us to optimise his existing website to gain better search engine positioning. As one of many local trades in the Palm Beach County area, competition was relatively fierce with a variety businesses all offering similar services to repair, maintain and refit roofs for commercial and residential clients.

Ron like most local trades, wanted to firstly capture the market in his immediate locality, with the longer term aim of branching out once saturation point was reached. Our task was to propose and develop the best solution to fulfil both his short term needs and long term aims by getting his site onto the first page of Google as quickly as possible and stay there.

The Strategy

After a deep analysis of his existing website’s structure, code and content, we soon came to the obvious conclusion that his current site simply wasn’t cutting it. It was poorly developed, desperately in need of optimisation and lacked any real useful content. In short, we suggested a complete rewrite was in order and was essentially, a quicker and more cost effective solution.

Having agreed on all counts, we handed the reigns over to our interactive division and worked alongside them to develop the new site, with the key aim of ensuring the new look was killer whilst the code and content would be totally geared towards top ranking.

The new website was developed on the popular WordPress platform, ensuring the site used a scalable, open-source platform that would grow with his business whilst being as Google-friendly as possible. A match made in heaven!

The Result

After the launch, we ensured the site was completely re-indexed by Google, all site maps were submitted to the search engines and waiting for the results to return.

After just a handful of days, we saw the site reach the first page of Google for local trade in his city and even got the added bonus of a few additional long-tail keywords for other cities thanks to Google’s latent semantic indexing engine. And all this without even building a single link!

Proof that a well structured site that uses Google compliant code, coupled with great content and soundly structured URLs always wins the war when it comes to local SEO.

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