The Challenge

As one of our own in-house businesses developed by our interactive division, Simply.Biz is a global mergers and acquisitions marketplace offering brokers and private individuals a platform to buy and sell business opportunities.

Knowing full-well that the marketplace in this sector was already fiercely competitive, we knew this would stretch our abilities to the absolutely limit and beyond.

Initially soft-launched in 2009, the site had zero page rank and little traffic. We were tasked with the unenviable job of getting the site to market, building hype and interest, to essentially hit the ground running. Undeterred, we still decided to jump in head first.

The Strategy

Our initial concern was to firstly identify the market and the needs of the users. To do this effectively, we had to gather warm data of potential members from all parts of the world to understand their needs, frustrations with current competing platforms and how to deliver a product that ticks all the right boxes.

So stage one was about direct mail, email marketing and data harvesting Рessential in any campaign, especially when a new website is about to be launched. Once armed with this vital data, we would have a clearer picture of  how to market the site and ensure any launch would not stall on the starting blocks.

The website was already built, heavily optimised and full of great content, following strict compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. So with this essential base in place, we set out on a four tiered process that included link building, pay-per-click marketing, social media marketing and direct mail.

All of these areas would fulfil vitally important roles. The extensive link building would help to develop the website’s long term page rank and back link profile, thus helping the site to gain natural traffic and improved online positioning of various target keywords.

Pay-Per-Click was the answer to gain more instant responses, exposing the site right in the mix at the top of search engine results pages. Simply.Biz required an instant platform to promote the brand and knowing that traditional SEO is a time intensive process, Google Adwords offered a more direct and quicker solution for the short term.

Social media of course helped create the buzz, increasing signals and of course, the website admin team to engage with real users and learn more about user habits. A vital part to any business new or old.

And finally, email marketing got us right where we needed to be. In potential users inboxes, driving warm traffic to the site and helping to maintain a healthy level of sign ups, interaction and of course, revenue via enticing promotional material.

The Result

Unsurprisingly, our work still continues today and the site has grown impressively since it’s initial launch in 2009. Boasting well over 8000 business listings and growing, Simply.Biz has claimed is piece of the market and is reading to grow further still.

The multi-faceted marketing campaigns that continue today help to maintain the sites respectable rank in a highly competitive arena and ensure that buyers and sellers on the website get the exposure they need in the mergers and acquisitions marketplace.

As search engine environments change, so do our strategies so this is a project we revisit and re-evaluate regularly; helping the site to stay where it needs to be to get that all important lucrative traffic.

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