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The Challenge

Bucking the trend in the sports and leisure industry by beating the major players at their own game, The Running Outlet is a humble online and boutique sports retailer based in Canterbury, specialising in running shoes, clothing and accessories.

Having been established for a number of years, they approached us for help in improving their sales conversion rates on their website, as well as gaining better organic search results for a number of medium-to-high compete keywords. These included branded terms, generic sports terms and running keywords, plus keywords relating to products they stocked and sold online.

Knowing how fiercely competitive the online sports retail sector is, we knew what we were up against. But were still convinced in our convictions that we could achieve great results for this exciting challenge put before us.

The Strategy

With our holistic approach, we fully knew we had to leave no stone unturned if we were to make a success of this daunting task.

Firstly, we had to ensure the website’s several hundred pages were fully optimised using technical, on-page and content audits to ensure every component part of the website was running at maximum potential. A huge job!

Once completely satisfied, we then embarked on a link building and content strategy that covered every plausible technique we knew would be successful at improving the site’s authority metrics, ranking and brand awareness.

This involved both on-site and off-site blogging, link prospecting, outreach, citation building, social media and various other techniques that would show positive results in pushing the site up the ranks, in and amongst a plethora of big hiring competitors.

The Result

Against all the odds, we managed to rank some really tough, high compete keywords that helped the client’s organic search visibility grow exponentially month-to-month.

This resulted in strong online sales growth rates and a steady increase in keyword ranks for a mixture of short tail, branded and product related searches.

Ultimately, this amounted to increased sales conversions and has now put The Running Outlet firmly on the map on a national scale.

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