Undisclosed Clients

The Challenge

Nobody likes a negative publicity story so when a well known brand gets slapped with a Google Manual Penalty, senior figures at these organisations know that something has to be done quickly and quietly.

We have been approached by a variety of companies large and small, all with one thing in common – Google just sent them to jail!

When you receive an ‘algo penalty’ or worse still, a ‘manual action’, it can feel like your whole world has come crashing down.¬†Fortunately, we can help and we have successfully assisted many businesses in recovering from this damaging and at times, devastating action.

The Strategy

No two penalties are the same but how we establish the extent of the damage is always the same. A thorough link audit and on-site code review will tell us exactly where you went wrong.

In some cases, Google will state the reason for the penalty but it never hurts to get your house totally in order before attempting any reconsideration requests. Our team will get to work on analysing the good from the bad, will report on our findings and make recommendations for the work that is needed to get you out of jail and back in business!

The Result

We’d love to show off and say exactly who we gained our successes for but understandably, our clients want to keep this quiet and we have to respect that. They tried to cheat their way to the top of page one by hiring black hat SEOs promising all kinds of results without considering the consequences and ultimately, got badly burned in the process.

Yes, even big brand names get fooled into believing there’s a fast track to the top of the search engines without dire consequences. Just ask InterFlora or Expedia and they’ll tell you the carnage a Google Manual Action caused them in no time at all!

Now, they’re not example clients of ours that we’ve worked for but you get the picture. If we named our clients, they would be very unhappy with us so we have to respect their wishes. Thankfully, they are out of deep water now and are back on track and trading as normal again. What a relief!

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