Conversion Rate Optimisation

Got a great looking site that fails to make money?

Owning a site that achieves high traffic levels is great, but if that traffic doesn’t convert, what use is it?

The fact is, most businesses nowadays have a website in some shape or form, yet we see countless examples of the same mistakes being made over and over, which leads to poor conversion rates and a disappointingly low level of business generated.

Sound familiar? The fact is, your web designers have probably overlooked the most important aspect of every web development project – user experience (UX) testing!

The fact is, if your site visitors get a poor experience using your site, the likelihood is, they’ll go to your competitors instead. You’ve done all that work attracting them to your site, whether it be through spending huge sums on paid advertising, SEO or other forms of marketing, yet when it comes to the crunch, your site is letting you down big time!

Time to give your site a tune up!

Believe it or not, but the most common issues we find preventing site visitors from converting are easily fixed!

When you own a website, you become blind to the problems causing the issues practically staring you in the face. Yet a fresh, experienced set of eyes will be able to identify the key areas that are most likely causing you to achieve poor sales or conversion rates, and save you a massive expense in trying to build a brand new site, when your existing one just needs some essential tweaks to make it perform better.

Let us get to work

When asked to optimise your site conversions, there’s always the usual culprits we look for to identify the root cause of your high exit rates. Here’s just some examples of what we do to make your website the best it can possibly be:

1) Visual Analysis

Firstly, we’ll take an objective look over your site design, the quality of the structure, how well it is presented and what we feel are its strengths and weaknesses.

Your site may be beautiful to look at but might be really ugly to use on various devices, including mobiles and tablets. On the flip-side, it might be a very unattractive design and completely inappropriate to your audience, yet functions perfectly fine.

2) UX Testing

Next, we’ll use your site just like any one of your customers would and devise a test report of our findings. These findings may include page load speed, clarity of messages on your site, graphics and branding, conversion form placement and structure or the simple process of buying your products or sending you an enquiry.

We’ll collate our findings and like it or not, be as brutally honest as possible but will try to break the bad news to you as gently as possible, explaining clearly why we think your website is simply not resonating with your audience.

3) Behaviour Analysis

Analysing user data is key to really understanding why users simply don’t like your site. By funnelling data and seeing which pages they visit and which pages they exit from, we’ll soon identify the root cause of hard bounces and then zero in on the page(s) that need most attention.

4) Implement Changes

Finally, once we know what page(s) need alterations, we’ll set about implementing changes and conduct thorough A/B testing to see how our new pages perform against the old.

We’ll then analyse the differences in user behaviours between the two and then be able to fine tune any necessary adjustments to make your site work to its fullest potential.

Does your site need an expert eye?

Speak to our team today and bring your site back to life with a thorough conversion rate optimisation audit with RocketSEO®

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