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Is your business part of the social revolution?

Paper ChainAs one of the most misunderstood methods of marketing, many business owners simply disregard social media as being one of the latest crazes or fads just for kids. They couldn’t be more wrong!

Whether you tweet, share or discuss anything online, social media is proving to become big business because it’s instant and builds relationships. It’s one of the old adages in business that people don’t buy into companies or products; people buy people because it’s relationships that matter.

So if this is the case, why do so many businesses treat social media like it’s a tool simply for chatting to friends? They are seriously missing a trick because there’s no better way to connect with real business people than with social media in today’s business world.

Social media is instant and effective!

There are dozens of examples where social media can lead to new business with very little investment other than time. When such a widespread and powerful platform can reach so many people so easily, it does beggars belief why more businesses don’t use it.

What, you mean there’s several tools on the internet where you can reach people that have a real interest in your products and services and it’s free? Umm, yes. It’s called social media. Welcome to the 21st century!

Okay, so cynicism aside; isn’t it about time companies of every shape and size started to take social media seriously?

With every major corporation having several accounts managed by various departments, social media provides an opportunity to connect with customers like never before. It offers an instant way of interacting and dealing with people and builds longer lasting relationships. In today’s ‘open’ society, it gives a fair and transparent insight into the way in which companies operate. Finally, businesses are accountable as their actions can be seen and scrutinised in the public domain. The playing field has finally been levelled.

Let us get to grips with your social demands

Running and maintaining several social media accounts can easily take a team of full time employees. For most businesses, hiring staff to carry out these tasks is unrealistic and too expensive. With Rocket SEO®, you get all of your social needs taken care of for the fraction of the cost.

With our hands-on and knowledgeable approach, we can ensure you start to gain a real following of people interested in your line of work and begin interactions that lead to an enhanced online reputation and ultimately, increased sales.

Whether it requires gathering Twitter followers, Facebook fans, LinkedIn connections or YouTube subscribers, we know how to put your business on the social map and utilise this powerful medium to strenthen existing relationships and build new ones.

Now social media is changing the face of search

Recent changes to the algorithms that Google uses means that social media is now more influential on search results than ever before.

If you have a wide range of active and popular social accounts, Google will take note! They now see social media as a true measure of popularity and authority so if you’re busy interacting with people, Google treats you as important.

This value added bonus means that any social media activities you undertake will also have a positive effect on your website’s search engine ranking. Now that’s good news in anybody’s book!

So are you ready to interact with your customers?

Hopefully you can now fully understand the true value of using social media for business. And if this didn’t convince you then remember; whilst you’re not on the social media sites, we can guarantee your competitors are and they might just be talking to your customers as we speak.

So if you are ready to get social and take your business forward, speak to us and we’ll get the wheels in motion.

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