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Are you harnessing the power of video marketing?

YouTubeDid you know that YouTube is the world’s third most visited website, only bettered by Google and Facebook? It’s true yet so few businesses take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Contrary to what you might think, YouTube has far more uses than for just watching cute kitten videos or people carrying out classic fails. Used correctly, it can be your most potent weapon!

YouTube gets millions of visitors everyday looking for all kinds of video material for business as well as pleasure but more importantly, video is becoming integral to the results pages on search engines. So a great video will not only be found on YouTube, it will also get seen in the search results on Google. So, are you missing a trick?

You don’t need Spielberg to be successful!

The key thing to remember about YouTube is it’s a social platform and not the sole domain of academy award winning directors, uploading Hollywood style productions.

YouTube viewers aren’t interested in glossy presentations. They’re more interested in substance over style so if your video strikes a chord with the viewers, it doesn’t matter how well or badly it was shot because the message is what matters. And this is the key.

If you have a great video that could potentially add value to your business, or make a connection with your audience, you need to get it up on YouTube and promoted. Not only do videos drive traffic to your website, they also encourage discussion and if done correctly, can go viral and this is where the sky’s the limit!

You make the video, we’ll bring the audience!

Our team of YouTube marketers know exactly how to get your video promoted and watched by people in their droves. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your video gain viewer after viewer and your channel gain subscribers and positive comments.

And once you reached a certain level, the benefits just keep on coming as the video starts to rank high on Google and starts to deliver traffic direct to your website.

YouTube is an amazing marketing vehicle that gets overlooked by businesses far too often. We believe it is one of the most underrated tools in your armoury and should be part of every businesses marketing plans.

Get serious about video and team up with Rocket SEO®

Speak to us about our specialist video marketing services. Our team knows how to hype your video using traditional, safe methods without getting it banned or flagged. A video presentation can be your most powerful tool in converting a warm lead into a red hot customer and ultimately, boost your exposure right across the board.

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