A digital marketing company with genuine pedigree

As a broad focussed digital marketing firm, we may be relatively new to this field but we most certainly aren’t new to the industry.

Our team has been developing websites since the mid-nineties and with a strong eye for design, standards compliant code and a collection of industry awards adorning the mantlepiece, we’re in no way novices when it comes to getting results. In fact, Rocket SEO® wasn’t born out of a simple idea; created purely due to our overwhelming success in the SEO arena coupled with increased demand by new and existing clients to offer a more dedicated, digital marketing solution.

Proof that people buy people and not fancy words or jargon, regardless of the industry you operate in.

Why we’re better.

We know code and we know the ins and outs of web development. Our SEO team aren’t just experts in outreach, link building, content marketing and social media; they also have years of web design and development experience. Vital attributes that we feel are a must if you claim to really know SEO.

You wouldn’t ask a cab driver to repair your car would you? So why ask someone with little to no knowledge of HTML code or web development to optimise your site?

In our opinion, hiring us for your SEO needs is a no-brainer!

Why we’re different.

Let’s face it; SEO is an industry that has had some bad press in recent years. Why? Because there’s just too many people out there claiming to be ‘experts’ when the truth is; they’re not. They’re just playing the game to reap the benefits and this gives firms like us a bad name.

We grew tired of that and wanted to offer a specialist business to clients who demand professionalism, a hands-on approach and complete transparency. If you can’t get that from a business, then why bother is our attitude. We want to be the first name on anyone’s lips when they need to call upon a digital marketing firm they can truly rely on.

People want to work with us because they get honesty, integrity and value for money. Three key principles in any line of business.

Can we say any more?

That should be more than enough to convince you that we’re the right people to work with. So if you have an online business that needs exposure, you need to speak to us first.

Contact us now for a consultation and how we can help you achieve the results you need.

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