Confirmed: Penguin 3.0 algorithm update finally released

The long overdue update finally started rolling out on Friday!

Cute PenguinAfter months and months of anticipation, Friday October 17th 2014 was the eventual date that Google finally updated the Penguin algorithm, aimed at sites deemed to be link spamming and in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Google has yet to offer further details on the percentage of search results this version will impact or if there were any major changes made to the algorithm since its last release.

What the update did do unsurprisingly, is raise unprecedented levels of online chatter amongst the SEO community. No wonder seeing it’s been over a year since the previous release and this new release comes as a major relief (and burden) to many in the industry.

Recoveries and drops seen across the board

For those who had experienced major drops and penalties post Penguin 2.1, this update couldn’t have come any sooner.

Last year’s release caused nothing short of havoc and put many online businesses into serious trouble. Those who got hit had to get to work extensively removing and disavowing bad links to their sites and then wait for the next algo update to refresh to see if the fruits of their labour had done the trick. To then wait over a year for this latest refresh in any business, is simply intolerable and those who got hit hardest had probably moved on a long ago.

Those who had to wait, had to be patient and this much needed refresh seems to have removed many headaches that some webmasters and SEOs had experienced over the course of the past twelve months.

It’s early days and the update is no doubt still completing its cycle of refreshing the entire index but early indications from our own analysis suggest that there are a lot of good news stories out there to be enjoyed.

Many of our client sites have seen some excellent increases in ranks and a few have made huge leaps. So we’re naturally delighted that our hard work in building great content and ethical links has finally been rewarded.

More news is undoubtedly yet to follow…

It’s only 48 hours since the algo was released so it is still too early to make any firm assessments on how big the impact of this long awaited penguin update is, so if the situation changes or there is more information released from Google; we’ll certainly be on top of it.

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