Google’s Sandbox makes a return hampering new sites from ranking

Mueller neither confirms or denies it’s resurrection

Litter Tray

There’s been a lot of chatter lately, most notably on black hat SEO forums that Google’s sandbox has made a comeback and is in full effect.

For those not in-the-know, Google’s sandbox acted as a holding station for newly launched websites to check their quality and authenticity before allowing them to rank. Like many other techniques, new sites were an avenue that many black hat SEOs had explored and to a degree, exploited to gain better ranks for classic “churn and burn” sites – sites that had been over-optimised with mass back link building to rank fast and make a quick buck.

Now it appears after much community talk about new sites struggling to rank fast, the dreaded Sandbox 2.0 has been released and new site owners who have launched legitimate online businesses are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of indexing and exposure.

 of SEO Roundtable even asked Google’s John Mueller if the sandbox had returned and he said ” it would be a good thing” but neither confirmed or denied it’s reappearance. Typical.

Who does the sandbox really hurt?

Again, we find ourselves time and time again at Rocket SEO debating whether some of the actions by Google are fair and really are taking effective, positive measures against the true perpetrators of black hat and spammy SEO; rather than decent, honest business owners.

What strikes us about this action is the sheer contradictory nature of it’s aim. Many sites who were hit by a fierce round of algo updates or manual actions were literally killed over night. And for those victims of such draconian measures, Google’s Matt Cutts and John Mueller’s responses were that you should “start again” and build a brand new website.

So to find that new websites are now getting a slap in the face just screams of hypocrisy!

It’s one thing to address webmasters about maintaining good practices and to take punitive action against those who had manipulated the page rank system, but it’s another when the very organisation that states how to get your house in order goes on to deliver further punishment to those that had followed the very same advice.

It’s called a sandbox but is seemingly starting to look more like a litter tray!

More and more SEOs are becoming anti-Google

Perhaps we’re going off subject somewhat but this latest stench of hypocrisy to come from the company that’s very own internal staff motto is “don’t be evil” just reeks of sheer maliciousness.

The number of professional internet marketers and optimisers that have a growing sense of cynicism towards the search giant is expanding rapidly and frankly, we can’t blame them.

We happen to feel that most of their actions are aimed at hurting the bigger cheats but frankly, Google really lacks foresight based on some of the search and algo decisions of the past few years. When actions like these strike a blow at anyone trying to follow the path laid out by the very same ones inflicting the damage, that creates a culture of distrust.

Rightly so, we feel Google are treading on very shaky ground if they continue this trend. As the saying goes, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” but no one is too big to fail!

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