Is a major algo update brewing at Google?

Past three months see significant SERP flux

Admittedly, we’ve been a bit quiet on the news updates front on our website of late. Sorry about that folks!

We could put it down to the usual excuses of being too busy but frankly, up until the last quarter, truly newsworthy updates that hadn’t already been widely publicised by other media outlets were few and far between.

However, this past few months we’ve been monitoring Google’s search results activity and there’s been a great deal of activity that surprisingly, a lot of sites such as Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch have barely made a mention of.

Is it due to the fact that Google has kept us SEO’s in the dark for so long now that any fluctuation in Google ranks and search positions has become the norm, that we no longer bother reporting it? Possibly. But it also may be down to the fact that its hard to report something that we have no real understanding or knowledge of.

What we do know is SERP ranks have been dancing around a great deal and more importantly, the sites we’re monitoring that have had positive changes are those that have engaged in mostly white-hat SEO methods whilst those that have built outdated, mass links have been taking a beating.


Recent Months have Shown Increasing Levels of SERP Turbulence

Are the increased tremours a sign of something big about to happen?

Us SEO’s have gotten used to being either misinformed or uninformed when it comes to Google’s plans for algorithmic changes – its part of the job we accept nowadays however, the sheer level of ranking flux these past three months is too much to ignore.

According to our analysis, we believe there has been updates on or around June 14-17, July 22-25 and more recently, August 11-13 onwards. We’re literally seeing ranking flux on a monthly basis now.

Many fellow digital marketers confirm this and the fact that it is now a massive 600+ days since the last release of Google’s infamous Penguin algorithm update was released, it seems highly likely to us that the next roll out has to happen sometime very soon.

When? No one really knows but the sheer level of flux of late indicates these could be preliminary tests, some of which have been rolled back and others that have not. So if you’re holding your breath waiting for that update to finally come, it may be about to finally hit the search results pages very soon.

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